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[Systems] Classes and Progression

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1 [Systems] Classes and Progression on Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:22 pm

This idea was the thing that spurred me on to create the site in the first place so I'd like peeps to give this a chance before suggesting alternatives.

So the idea is that theres some sort of normal progressor such as xp. Once a certain threshold is reached, the player chooses one of four attributes. The combination of these attributes determines which class the player is and what types of abilities and items they can use. The four attributes are as follows:

Might - Physical strength and athleticism. Melee based combat skill and general power of the body type stuff.

Cognizance - A combination of perception and dexterity. Skill in ranged weaponry and knowledge of nature.

Insight - Studiousness and strength of the mind. Skill with magic and the mystical arts.

Faith - Trust or manipulation of a force beyond mortality. Skill with channeling divine power and healing.


I start out as the 'Adventurer' class. After gaining experience through fighting monsters and doing quests, I have reached the stage where I can pick an attribute. I chose Cognizance which changed my class to 'Ranger' and gave me access to all of the appropriate abilities and weapons. After gaining more xp, I was able to take a second attribute. This time I chose Might. I now have 1 in COG and 1 in MIG which puts me in the 'Hunter' class.

I have made a table for the first 3 attribute combinations. The names can of course be changed, just to give you an idea of the increasing number of classes as you go up the ranks. I was thinking of having a fixed 5 levels of classes (meaning 4 attributes to pick) and potentially a 5th customisable class as a sort of 'S rank' option.

To read the below table, each of the attributes are listed by their first letter. The number beside the letter is how many of that attribute the player needs to have that class. Colour coded for number of attributes: Green = 0, Yellow = 1, Red = 2, Purple = 3.

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