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[systems] Locations and travel

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1 [systems] Locations and travel on Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:53 pm

Taking on a game like feel, I think that having a set location for your character would be appropriate. Traveling to a new location would possibly require posting a thread in wilderness locations where you would have to roll every X posts to see if there is a monster encounter. Travel would be complete once a certain number of posts is achieved.


I want to travel from Port Town to Castle Town. The map says (something along the lines of) Port Town >> Dark Forest >> Castle Town. Therefore my party must post 5 posts total of at least 300 words each in the Dark Forest folder to travel through. The information in the Dark Forest folder says I must roll monster encounter die every 2 posts to see if we are ambushed. Once the 5 post total is reached, we are allowed to exit and start posting in Castle Town.

The aim of this is to provide an RPG esque aventure feel at the cost of limiting RP flexibility. I have ideas for allowing faster travel locations as rewards for quests/higher levels/ect.


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